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                     Heating and winter housing of concrete mixing plants.

Heating of concrete mixing plants

Heating solutions for the concrete industry. Production of heating
devices and heating systems for mixing plants producing hot concrete.

Covering of concrete mixing plants

Insulated sandwich panel covering assembled
on welded or screwed steel frame.

Heating with hot clean air
Hot air silo heaters. Concrete plants heating with hot clean air. The BKL is our own heating system for the aggregates and rooms of concrete plants. Perfect solution for heating of batching plants.
Warm water production
Concrete plants heating with warm water production. The BKW type warm water boilers provide hot mixing water and washing water. Production of heating devices for the production of warm concrete. Hot water boiler for mixing waters.
Heat-insulated cover of batching plants
A proper cover is not only important from the point of how it looks but it also prevents frost damage in concrete plants and also helps to save a great amount of energy.
Heat maps
Heat maps of concrete mixing plants: Heat map of the linear bin-type plant, Heat map of the star-type plant, heat plan of the tower plant. Production of heating technologies for concrete plants.
Betonkontakt in Europe
Since 1997, we have been involved in the winter preparation of batching plants exclusively. Our company belongs to the leading companies in Europe in the field from all aspects.
CAUTION !    Who gets use to you during the winter because of the warm concrete, will remain your client throughout the whole year !